Horse Adventures

Horse adventures in beautiful Monashee Guest Ranch!

So it’s a horse adventure you’re after well you have come to the right place at Monashee Guest Ranch we aim to please. The Guest Ranch family is waiting to show you the beautiful area we call home! Depending on how long you can stay will define your options. If you only have a few hours we can get you in the saddle and take you on a breathtaking horseback tour of our immediate area. We are surrounded by stands of old growth cedar, spruce and hemlock. Lush green forests grace the valley bottoms and, in the spring, alpine meadows blossom with a colourful array of wildflowers.

Come be adventurous with us..


The Guest Ranch prides itself on providing you the most authentic safe western adventure of a lifetime. Whether you are an accomplished rider or a green horn we will make sure your ride is planned out to suit your needs. The groups will be set by ability as well as if you want to ride with family or friends. The Guest Ranch does our very best to accommodate all of your requests while at the same time making your trail ride safe and enjoyable. Be prepared to see vistas and views that will leave you in awe.

This tour will take you past old homesteads that have stood the test of time and are remarkable to see…our ancestors really knew how to make structures that last! As well you will also get a stay in one of our luxurious accommodations right at the ranch! If you are lucky you may even get to see some of our local wildlife that call this beautiful country home! So whatever your time frame is a few hours or a few days here at the Monashee Guest Ranch our crew will make your trip one you will remember forever….



The Monashee Guest Ranch promises to make your trail ride special and something that you will remember for a lifetime. So please feel free to ask questions and let your wrangler know if the horse chosen for you is the right one (their personality and temperament should match with your ability and what you want from your ride).