Horseback Riding

Have you ever dreamed of being a cowboy or cowgirl?

Have you thought about riding hard along the trail on a sunny afternoon with the dusty grit of a hot day, or in fields with fresh snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance? Join the Guest Ranch wranglers on a fantastic horseback riding tour as you are transported back in time to the days of the pioneers and homesteaders who may have used the very same trails for transportation and to herd cattle. Trails lead through rolling meadows and shaded trails from the old growth cedar, hemlock and spruce trees!

All levels of riding experience are welcomed, from first-time riders to those who have been in the saddle all of their lives. Your ride begins with a short orientation to ensure open lines of communication between you and your new equine friend. We have a fantastic bunch of horses and we will take this time to ensure you are matched up with the horse best suited to you. Remember the more you like your equine friend the more he likes you!! So come ride with us through some of the most beautiful scenic trails British Columbia has to offer!!!

Enjoy your horseback riding through meadows, under sleeping giants and through B.C. history.

We offer two hour guided trips, all day guided trips and even overnight pack trips!! Whatever your horseback dream trip is we can fulfill your wishes.

 Rates vary but start at $99.00 for a 2,5 h trip.

A full day trip (usually 5 hours in the saddle) comes complete with a packed lunch and drinks are only $179.00.

Our two day (one night) pack trip includes three meals a day, beautiful Prospector tents, with comfy beds for your night under the stars, incredible scenery and much more is $549.00.  (Minimum of 5 people required) 

Reservations are requested 24 hours prior to ensure proper guide scheduling. Drop ins are welcome and are accommodated based on availability. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before the tour and remember to wear flat, non-grip boots and long pants.  We suggest that you bring a jacket, hat and gloves.

The feeling you will get in the saddle is like nothing you have felt before…

Children must be 8yrs and over to be able to go on a trail ride. Children aged 6/7yrs may be able to go a trail ride being “PONIED” (this will be at the discretion of your guide) your knowledgeable Wrangler will have a rope attached to your child’s horse so they will not lose control but still being able to be part of the horseback riding trip. If your child is under 5 the Ranch offers a short ride up and down the driveway. Your child’s horse will be led and will also be accompanied by side walkers if needed. This gives your child a feeling of what it’s like to get out on a horse in a very safe environment.