The Monashee Guest Ranch horses are almost all Quarter Horses with a few Paints and Appaloosas sprinkled in for color, and a few Draft Horse crosses added for size. These solid, hearty and sure-footed animals are the iconic horse of the American West. Many are former ranch horses, and all are familiar with the local terrain. If you have never had the experience of riding one of these gentle giants you are in for a treat.
The Monashee Guest Ranch owns approximately 16 guest horses and with only 12-15 guests per week, this ensures that the horses are well-rested and in excellent shape for the entire season. This also means that there is a large selection to choose when matching you up with your perfect equine partner.
Your week will start with a horse chosen just for you. Monashee Guest Ranch wranglers have an excellent track record for making a good fit for you and your new equine partner. However If the need arises that a change would be beneficial for yourself or for your equine friend then that option is always available.

The  ranch horses live in a natural environment surrounded by mountain pasture where they have lots of room to roam. Even the horses that are being used for the day are turned out to pasture each evening after the day’s ride. This is so important to our Ranch family equine partners, nothing better than a healthy happy horse. In the off-season the horses live in basically the same natural environment but are fed a carefully chosen hay blend on a free feed basis. Monashee Guest Ranch horses definitely live the good life.

Meet Featured Horse Tonka

Meet TONKA, AKA- Boss Man (as he is the boss of ALL the horses) AKA- Wiggle Meister (all horses have a wiggle going downhill but with him times it by ten, when you are on him you really feel it and if you’re behind him you won’t stop laughing) All kidding aside Tonka is an all around wonderful guy, great for children, beginners and if you want to challenge the mountains this guy will go anywhere. Come try him out for yourself!

Meet Cody…

Monashee Guest Ranch would like you to meet Cody. Cody is a paint who is approx 16 yrs old, and has the unique feature of having one blue eye. Cody is one of the super stars in our equine herd (well they are all superstars) but Cody is full of personality and as well he is great with kids and beginners alike. Even if you are not a beginner you will love to ride this special man. Sonja actually entrusted Cody for her mom’s first ride and seeing that her mom is 79 years old says it all! A food lover like non I have ever known with lots of stories to go with it! We hope you will come visit us at The Guest Ranch so you can meet this gentleman in person.

Meet Chub…

Monashee Guest Ranch wants you to meet Chub. Chub is an Appaloosa gelding in his mid teens. Chub’s qualities are abundant but the biggest one is his kindness to his riders. Chub is a strong gentle giant who is great with kids and beginners alike. If you get the chance to ride him we guarantee you will fall in Love with this wonderful gentle soul!

Meet Apollo…

This is Apollo he is a 14 year old Morgan gelding standing at 15hh. Monashee ranch wranglers have put their mark on him as not only is he flashy but he also has lots of spark. Morgans are known for their presence and Apollo has all of that and more as you can see from the pictures. Stamina and his energetic personality means he is for experienced riders only (that’s why the Wranglers love him).