RV Site Ownership


Monashee Ranch and RV Resort Ltd. is pleased to offer resort ownership, through a share ownership program.

What is a share ownership program?

  • This program allows you to purchase an equal share of the resort and be permanently assigned the RV site of your choice. Monashee Ranch and RV Resort association has a total of 120 Shares, which include 46 sites and the common grounds and facilities. By purchasing a share of the Monashee Ranch and RV
  • Resort, you are entitled to 1/120 of the common shares of the resort in addition to the RV site of your choice that is contractually assigned to you. The site and share remain yours forever, allowing you the freedom to sell your share at any time.

What is the process in purchasing an RV site?

  • Choose the RV site that best complements your needs
  • Fill out the offer to purchase document, receive the full disclosure documents and sign the receipt for the disclosure documents
  • Pay the $10,000 deposit to hold your site
  • If you require financing, fill out a credit application
  • Review the disclosure documents provided

What are the benefits of resort ownership?

  • Enjoy additional benefits over seasonal and overnight guests, including:
  • Ability to build decks, gazebos, custom patios, storage sheds and more on the RV site
  • Year-round access to your RV site and common facilities
  • Additional guest sites at discounted prices
  • Bulk firewood at discounted prices
  • Snow removal and lawn care
  • Ability to be on the Owner’s Association Board of Directors
  • Annual general meetings to be involved in the care, operations and maintenance of the resort

As an owner, do I get a say over common property issues?

  • As an owner, you will become part of the Monashee Ranch and Ownership Association, which is not unlike a homeowner’s association. Your share will grant you a say at the table, giving you a right to vote on common property issues. The Owners Association elects a select group of owners, known as the Board of Directors, to oversee day to day matters including hiring operational staff. All owners will be able to participate in an Annual General Meeting, which will provide access to financial statements, budget forecasting and other operational discussions.

Monashee Ranch and Owners Association Inc.

  • The Owners Association is comprised of all the owners of the resort, and each Share is entitled to 1 vote for any vote. It must have at least one General Meeting each year and provide financial statements for the previous year’s operations and a budget to be approved by the owners for the upcoming year. The Owners Association will elect a Board of Directors to oversee the resort. This Owners Association is responsible for the operation of the resort, including hiring a manager or management company to run the resort. Every shareholder is entitled to the minutes of the board meetings.

Can I sell my Share?

  • The share and site are yours to sell. Upon selling your Share and RV site, all Owners Association fees must be up to date. There are no price restrictions, so you can sell your Share for whatever you like.

Are there additional fees?

  • There are additional monthly fees for the RV sites which cover the cost of operation and include power, water, sewer, snow removal, lawn care, general maintenance, property taxes, insurance and management. These annual costs are divided by the total number of RV sites in the park and can be paid monthly (by dividing the total by 12 months) or annually. Each year, these amounts are estimated, and the actual numbers are reviewed at the Annual General Meeting and new budget set for the following year. These fees are subject to change based on the approved budget

Is my investment RRSP Eligible?

  • Yes, but you will need to get your advisor’s opinion. We have such an opinion from our attorney which we can provide you with.
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